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Our Story

Generation Mobility has a platform to support companies in making transition abroad smoother for their global workforce, raising employee engagement and wellness resulting in an increase in return on investment (ROI). Our technology predicts challenges and provides access to solutions to ensure global growth while maximizing profitability.

Generation Mobility is co-founded by three immigrant women in Oslo, Norway, each of whom have a remarkable thrive-abroad story to share.

After going through a variety of challenges when moving abroad themselves, these women found their feet, and planted them firmly in their newfound home. Generation mobility is these three women’s collective steps towards helping businesses and other global professionals not just survive abroad, but THRIVE

After working in Silicon Valley for over 20 years, making a successful career transition, no one prepared me for the common challenges that come with transitioning abroad. -Alicia, CEO

Our Values

Generation Mobility makes predictive well-being a metric for your global growth.

Our mission

Our mission is to help companies grow more profitable by predicting and managing the challenges of global workforces. We do this by using real time data to measure and address common challenges that come with transitioning abroad. The net effect is a healthy, productive global workforce that increases profitability.

  • Values
  • Integrity
  • Constant Learning
  • Respect

Our Vision

We use data-driven technology to advance a world with borderless opportunities where no human talent goes to waste.