Meet The Founders

Alicia Partee

CEO & Co-founder

Alicia is driven by a single, compelling vision: To break down the barriers that prevent people and businesses from thriving globally, and to use technology to scale the solution.

For over 20 years, Alicia worked in the disruptive, fast-paced world of Silicon Valley, where she led projects and teams at Fortune 500s, startups, and non-profit organizations. As those two decades flashed by, Alicia yearned to slow down and connect with people at a deeper level. In 2005, Alicia made a successful career transition into mental health and well-being.

When she relocated to Norway, she had the opportunity to utilize her unique blend of strengths: helping people to thrive and scaling her solution with transformative technology.

Alicia has always been a forerunner who finds a way to 'make it happen.' Her keen business insight and expertise for translating concepts into action take over in the face of every new and exciting challenge.

Alicia is also President of the Professional Women’s Network in Oslo, and a host on ‘Authentigration,' a podcast aimed at helping people and businesses to thrive globally.

Kathra Saba

COO & Co-founder

Kathra’s strategic expertise lies in connecting individuals, organizations, and programs to create 360-degree solutions that truly impact and improve lives. She believes that the future of talent is global and that we need to expand the boundaries of human potential – a change possible with technology.

She works closely with various private, public, and non-profit organizations to help them approach talent as a strategic investment rather than a cost. She is a systematic thinker and adopts a holistic view of every challenge.

As a welfare program leader, qualified family therapist, and a proactive social scientist, Kathra is involved in various impactful initiatives in the private, public, civic, and entrepreneurial sectors.

Some of these initiatives include founding NGO Red Sun Norway, serving as the Deputy Leader of a labor party in Oslo; managing settlement and introduction programs for refugees in Norway, and co-founding Generation Mobility.

She has a keen interest in the future of work and empowering the global workforce of tomorrow. In all that she does, Kathra’s mission is to ensure that no human potential goes unutilized.

Walaa Abuelmagd

CIO & Co-founder

Over the last two decades, Walaa has studied, worked in, and delivered multiple talks on immigrant healthcare across Norway, Sweden, Egypt, and the UAE.

A thorough academic, Walaa uses her robust knowledge of immigrant health and well-being to help create a solid foundation for Generation Mobility’s evidence-based solutions.

After moving to Norway in 2005, Walaa mastered the Norwegian language in three months to jumpstart life and work in Norway. Since then, she has gathered over 12 years of work experience in the pharmacy sector, achieved a master’s degree in pharmacy, and has now a Ph.D. degree in immigrant health at the University of Oslo.

She remains an active spokesperson for immigrant health and bridging cultures in Norway and has spoken at over 25 national and international platforms to date.

In 2014, Walaa was one of 25 candidates on NHO’s Global Future Leadership program - the program that eventually led her to co-found Generation Mobility.

Walaa focuses on creating holistic, science-backed solutions to help those who cross borders for work, family, or other reasons, to successfully integrate and thrive.
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