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With globalization on the rise, companies need to be able to create and take advantage of borderless opportunities. People, projects, and processes need to be agile, disruptive, and quick to adapt. We help business take care of their employees abroad by identifying and breaking down the global mobility barriers that limit global growth potential.​


We believe in creating positive experiences all around by taking care of our clients’ relocated employees and their families, while simultaneously addressing the ever-changing needs of a dynamic, global business. 

We work closely with HR and Global Mobility Managers and create a holistic digital solution on our platform, that addresses a company’s full range of global mobility needs. Our solutions are evidence-based, tailor-made, scalable, and flexible – all elements of the DNA that makes fast-growing, global businesses.

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Digital Mental Health – Generation Mobility To Offer Positive Transition Experience To Expatriates

In today’s world, self-care is a necessity, not a luxury. When we discuss mental health, it does not limit to clinical or psychological health. Mental health also incorporates our emotional and social well-being which affects our actions and thought process. It controls the ability to manage stress, relationships and decision making at each stage of...

Can You and I Address the Big Global Mobility Issue?

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, no country has cracked the code on successful integration. No country. That made me stop and think. In today’s very global and very connected world, we’re crossing borders all the time for work, family, adventure, love, and politics. Some of us do it voluntarily, and others, not so fortunate,...

Conquering the Language Barrier: How I Learned Norwegian in 90 Days!

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” Nelson Mandela To learn the language of the host country can often be on top of the list of barriers that skilled immigrants face when they...

My 5 Biggest Lessons from 20 Years in Silicon Valley, by Alicia Partee

Silicon Valley – the nearly $3 trillion neighborhood that all the titans of technology call home. The chrome-faced, fast-paced, never-sleeping valley that is ironically full of nap-pods, and where ‘angels’ and ‘unicorns’ are far from fictional – they’re coffee-line chit-chat for messy-haired startup owners and Armani-clad investors.     I spent 20 years taking in everything...

Changing Demands of the Future of Work: The Need for More Purpose-First Companies

People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it. That nugget of wisdom comes from one of the world’s most-watched TED talks – Simon Sinek’s Start with Why. I have never been able to shake off the power of that talk. Sinek’s point is that ‘purpose’ or ‘the why’ is at the core of every impactful person...

AI for Self-Actualization When We Need It Most

Can Artificial Intelligence be the Shoulder Your Employees Need to Lean On?   We, humans, feel a whirlwind of emotion in the face of (sudden) change – excitement, fear, positivity, anxiety. It’s a constant barrage of ups and downs. Relocation to live and work in a different city or country is one of those life-altering changes,...

Why We Need Systematic Co-Creation Now More Than Ever Before

Systematic co-creation. Another concept for the leaders and managers to wrap their heads around. I do believe, however, that this one is here to stay. It’s a concept that is probably going to establish firm, deep roots in the future of work. At its core, systematic co-creation is involving all the stakeholders of a community...

Are We Prepared to Support A Truly Global Future of Work?

Arianna Huffington Albert Einstein Levi Strauss Ruper Murdoch Amy Chang These women and men reshaped the American economy and in turn, the global economy. They made waves around them, broke barriers, led movements, proved theories that the world follows. They were all immigrants. Immigrants are an undeniable force in every national economy. Many of them...

It All Began With A Cup Of Tea!

They say there is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action. That intolerance is nothing but a sign of an inadequate education. That prejudice is just an opinion formed in the absence of evidence. But when you experience prejudice, it doesn’t feel like ignorance or the absence of education and evidence. When you are subject...

One Layer Deeper: How Relocation Really Affects an Employee and Their Family

Relocating for a new job or assignment can be an exciting change for most people – a new beginning, a chance for a grand reset. Plus, the international work experience puts another feather in the employability hat, gives the employee in question an edge over the competition in the job market and increases their earning...

Mentally Prepared! Emotionally, not so much.

The Real Reason Why Overseas Assignments Fail Globalization is hardly a cakewalk. Companies now have to think about logistics, problem-solving, departments, pay scales, and performance at a global level. Throw into that mix all the other variances that come with operating across borders: cultural differences, work ethics, belief systems, management styles that are all influenced...

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