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Companies lose millions of dollars on failed international assignments.

Generation Mobility has an unique ability to predict and measure the Return on Wellness (RoW) through data techniques that are currently unavailable until now!

See how we can increase your ROI by using Generation Mobility’s RoW techniques – retain talent and save millions.

The truth about the International Assignees experience!

50 %

50% of employees indicate that they need support when moving abroad.

84 %

84% of employees report that their company does not offer emotional support services while abroad.

73 %

73% reported that they need ongoing personal and professional counseling and coaching support while living abroad.

Predictive well-being, what is it and how does that help the bottom line?

We use predictive technology to make transitioning abroad smoother for the global workforce, raising employee engagement and wellness resulting in an increase in ROI. Our technology uses machine learning to map possibilities and difficulties and provides solutions for employees and their family members to ensure mental wellness while maximizing profitability.

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