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Preparing professionals for new overseas assignments and

helping families adapt and grow in new cultures.

Providing one point of contact for Global Mobility Specialists,

building custom global mobility programs and organizing international transitions.

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Helping companies attract and retain global talent.

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Solutions to enhance well-being and mindset to thrive abroad.

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Connecting multidisciplinary specialists with corporations, professional and their families.

1304, 2019

Do You Properly Care for Your Overseas Employees?

Many multinationals operate from various locations around the globe, which means that a substantial portion of their employees can be given an international assignment during almost any point in their career. This is often the case within specific lines of business such as the Technology, finance, oil/gas sector and media-related jobs, although there are many more examples of organizations sending people overseas. During this period, the employees as well as their families are subject [...]

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